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Superannuation and KiwiSaver

Advantages for Employers

Every employer is faced with the question of how best to manage their superannuation or KiwiSaver obligations.  Making sure you meet the ever-increasing complexities of legislative compliance is hard enough in itself.  No doubt you also want to give your employees the best possible options and have them view their super as a genuine employee benefit. Of course, you also want arrangements that don’t demand undue time and effort, allowing you to devote your resources to your core business.

The Willis Towers Watson Superannuation and KiwiSaver service is designed to meet all these considerations. Decades of international experience and a deep pool of expertise enables us to create employer superannuation solutions that exactly meet your needs. We understand how organisations function, we know the law and your liabilities, we fully appreciate your financial concerns and we are committed to providing you with ease of administration and excellence in communication.

Your Superannuation Review

We will usually commence with a thorough audit of your existing arrangements seeking to identify areas where both you and your employees could be disadvantaged: it might be in terms of fund performance, lack of flexibility, limited insurance options, compliance issues, a lack of educational services or inefficiencies that affect your bottom line.

We will develop and report on the means to correct all issues and implement appropriate systems to deliver ongoing optimum performance and efficiency.

Super and KiwiSaver Services

Benefits for Members

For many employees, their superannuation or KiwiSaver plan will be the primary source of protection during their working life and primary means of support during retirement.

Choice of investment option, contribution strategies, the monitoring of performance, the value of insurance,  the shifting of investment strategy over time and a whole host of other factors will have a significant influence on the amount saved and therefore the quality of life enjoyed in later years.  In short, getting it right is critical.

Member Education and Information

We tailor our communications and Member Education sessions to make sure investment information is presented in a straight forward manner that is readily understood by employees. We will help employees understand the confusing jargon contained in providers Investment Statements and other reports. We will help them understand the basic aspects of savings and investments that will help them protect their savings and achieve their personal objectives.

Willis Towers Watson In History

Did you know Willis Towers Watson was the broker for the first “project finance” coal fired power project to be constructed in China?