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Your business needs protection from the risks related to the health and wellbeing of key individuals. Our Business Insurance specialists can advise you on how to manage this risk.

Business Succession Planning

Plan for the Departure of a Business Partner

It is inevitable that all business partnerships come to an end at some point. Unfortunately, in many cases it is due to the sudden and unexpected death, or the long term illness of a business partner.  A succession plan including insurance cover will help to give your business the best possible chance of survival in such troubling circumstances by pre-empting and managing this risk.

Key Person Insurance

Protect your organisation against the loss of individuals who matter most

Almost every business has one or more individuals whose knowledge, experience or industry connections make them a vital component for the continued success of the organisation, thus distinguishing them as ‘key people’.

This may include:

  • Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director
  • Partners / Directors (working)
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Sales Manager
  • Specialist Designers / Engineers / Researchers / IT staff etc.

A prudent business will have a strategy formulated which plans for the sudden departure of a key person in the unfortunate event of death, trauma or total and permanent disability.  Without this type of progressive arrangement in place, an organisation is likely to face not only emotional strain on such an occasion, but also a potential financial crisis.

Personal Insurance

Many people are under insured just because they have not got around to it or have never had a formal review of their personal insurance needs.

A Willis Towers Watson personal insurance specialist will provide a review of existing insurances compared to an assessment of actual needs. Cover can then be arranged to meet personal circumstances and ensure dependants will not be exposed to an undesired drop in living standards in the event of illness, death or injury.

Willis Towers Watson In History

Did you know Bray, Gibb & Co, the pre-eminent aviation insurance broker before World War I, was Samuel Cody's broker, the first man to fly a powered aircraft in the UK?