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About Us

The Willis Research Network (WRN) is              the skills of people across the globe. The
an award-winning collaboration between            WRN continues to build on the strength of
academia and the finance and insurance            its partnerships, delivering and incorporating
industries.                                       solutions into insurance sector models,
                                                  methodologies and transactions to improve
The WRN integrates public science with the        the market’s understanding, resilience and
risk management community to enhance our          coverage of risk.
collective ability to understand, evaluate and
manage risk (extreme natural catastrophes,        The WRN Research Hubs drive a number of
climate variability, emerging risks...) and       research programmes which in turn manage
to provide credible scientific expertise to       several WRN research projects, producing
improve decision-making across the industry.      academic and industrial research outputs.
                                                  Outputs include data, models, applications,
Initially developed within Willis Re to support   peer-reviewed journal articles, financial
our Willis Re view of risk, it is now growing     instruments and conferences. Alongside the
to support our advisory services to               longer term research programs, we continue
corporate clients.                                to identify projects with tangible outputs
                                                  for our clients within realistic time frames,
The WRN is currently working on programmes        allowing us to deliver solutions when they are
and projects across more than fifty science       needed.
partners worldwide, to confront the full
spectrum of modelling challenges of this
domain. Our industry continues to evolve and
the pace of improvement in understanding is
astounding. However, key risk management
issues are still not fully known and no single
institution has the resources or breadth of
knowledge to answer these matters. Willis
Towers Watson has a wide range of internal
expertise, but we feel that the challenges of
understanding risk and resilience are still best
met working in partnerships and embracing
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