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The WRN allows us to foster longer term relationships with universities and partners. Value is being derived from the relationship as partners strengthen their understanding of our business. This enables us to build practical applications for the benefits of Willis Towers Watson and our clients.

Through these relationships, we are able to support clear structure around research requirements and a proven mechanism for delivering research into our business for our clients. Within Willis Towers Watson, specialist resources are dedicated to managing relationships and helping to shape the work being done.

Research pillars

In 2010, the Willis Research Network’s activities were organized across four WRN Research Pillars: Economic Capital and Enterprise Risk Management; Natural Hazard and Risk; Man-made and Liability Risks; and Core Technologies and Methods. Collectively these Pillars encompass a comprehensive range of insurance analytics disciplines. Within these Pillars, WRN Research Hubs drive Research Programs covering major areas such as Flood, Earthquake, Climate, Terrorism, Cyber, Financial Stability and Regulation and High Performance Computation.

The Research Programs drive WRN Research Projects producing the academic and industrial research outputs. Outputs include data, models and applications, peer-reviewed journal articles, financial instruments and products or meetings and conferences.

We continue to build on the strength of the WRN, with its ability to:

  • develop multidisciplinary, global and collaborative research programs with specific and applied products
  • deliver long term strategic tools for Willis Towers Watson and our clients
  • leverage expert input on key business issues and demonstrate thought leadership
  • fill in the gaps in vendor model provision, and impartially evaluate changes to existing models
  • assist the research behind hundreds of peer-reviewed academic articles including many groundbreaking papers
  • incorporate solutions into insurance sector models, methodologies and transactions to improve the market’s understanding, resilience and coverage of risk

Alongside the longer term research program, we continue to identify projects with tangible outputs for our clients within shorter frame deliverables, allowing us to deliver solutions when they are needed

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