The Willis Research Network (WRN) is the world's largest collaboration between academia and the finance and insurance industries. The WRN has the following aims:

  • Help clients, private and public institutions gain the greatest possible understanding of risks, so that insurers and reinsurers can deliver effective financial protection at optimum terms

  • Strengthen the link between industry and academia

  • Confront the challenges of managing risk and delivering resilience within environmental systems, financial markets and public policy

  • Use global multi-disciplinary resources for focused research of key issues

Willis has teamed up with more than 50 world-leading institutions to develop dynamic and innovative solutions to the challenges of risk and resilience.

Disciplines include climate and weather, hydrology, hydrometeorology, geosphere, economic risk and finance. WRN research concentrates on risk management, and sharing of the costs of natural and man-made hazards with emphasis on the built environment, infrastructure, supply chain risk, contingent exposure, credit risk, cost of capital and the future of the insurance market.

The WRN’s research programme has been developed to focus the internationally renowned expertise within the academic and Willis teams onto the issues of greatest relevance to Willis’ clients.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the research projects and the wider aims of the Willis Research Network, with our clients.Please contact to discuss further


We continue to build on the strength of the WRN, with its ability to:

  • develop multidisciplinary, global and collaborative research programmes with specific and applied products

  • deliver long term strategic tools for Willis and our clients

  • leverage expert input on key business issues and demonstrate thought leadership

  • fill in the gaps in vendor model provision, and impartially evaluate changes to existing models

  • assist the research behind hundreds of peer-reviewed academic articles including many ground breaking papers

  • incorporate solutions into insurance sector models, methodologies and transactions to improve the market's understanding, resilience and coverage of risk.

Alongside the longer term program we continue to identify projects with tangible outputs for our clients within shorter frame deliverables, allowing us to deliver solutions as they are needed.

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