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Extraction and Processing: 'Mining' is profoundly simple.

Anybody involved in the industry at any stage knows differently.

We know.

We know that opening up the planet and producing the materials that form the platform for the world economy stretches human ingenuity, energy and courage.

We know this is as true for single location miners as it is for global mining groups.

We know this because we know mining, globally.

Our globally integrated Industry Groups understand:

  • Your diversity
  • Your complexity
  • Your exposures
  • Your challenges

We will only take on a contract with an exhaustive understanding of your operations.

We achieve this through intensive dialogue: working our Strategy Teams, Workshops, and Client Advocates to extract and process raw data and refine the right programme for you.

We add value throughout.

Our philosophy: the more work and intelligence we put into a partnership, the greater the certainty that we will forge enduring relationships.

Mining: What We Think

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