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Willis is determined to be the “Employer of Choice” for exceptional insurance professionals in Canada. This means that we want to be the first company that people want to join. We believe the following programs and practices will ensure that we achieve our goal.

Professional Practice Willis strongly believes that we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors by maintaining a very high level of professional practice. In order to achieve this professionalism, we make available to our associates a number of tools and resources. These resources include several operational “Best Practices” tools.

Operational “Best Practices” Tools

Global Policy, Willis Excellence Model and Internal Procedures
Over the past few years Willis has invested resources and energy to create a Global Policy Manual for all associates, form the Willis Excellence Model and write internal procedures for individual offices, including our Canadian branches.

These policies, guidelines and internal procedures touch on every facet of our service platform and our performance as insurance brokers and risk management consultants. They outline principles to adhere to for our ethical code, our business conduct, our procedures, our communications policy, and our human resource policy.

Our Willis Excellence Model ensures all Willis associates deliver the highest level of quality service possible regardless of location.

Our Canadian “Best Practice” procedures are available to all Canadian employees and enable them to ensure consistent delivery of service.

Client Service Delivery Platform
Our service platform, which we have coined “Client Service Delivery” or “CSD” is not just a series of documents, but a mind set. We have developed this formalized approach for all accounts in Canada to ensure consistent delivery of quality service and implementation of “Best Practices”, in both first and subsequent years.

Group Resources
All Willis associates have access to substantial resources, information, and expertise to assist them in their practice. The philosophy at Willis which is maintained by all associates worldwide is to share knowledge.

A very active International Company Intranet provides extensive information on professional expertise within the Group.

Willis’ Specialized Risk Management Services, which include experts in nearly all areas, including environmental, legal, actuarial, and enterprise risk management. These resources are freely available and are delivered in a seamless way to the Willis local professionals to help provide a more complete and fast turn-around service to clients.

JumpStart, a Canadian developed Lotus Notes database, provides a central repository to share information across the country and is accessible to all Willis Canada associates.

Total Compensation
Willis rewards its associates with a total compensation package that includes four key components:

Salaried Willis associates are paid a competitive market salary with annual compensation reviews. Our key associates are on “Fast Track” remuneration programs, which ensure that their compensation remains competitive with their increased abilities and responsibilities.

Bonus Willis associates are provided with bonus plans, based on company and personal performance.

Benefits Willis maintains a competitive Employee Benefits Plan, which is regularly benchmarked with our competitors. The current plan is a Flex Benefits Plan, which allows associates the opportunity to tailor a benefits package that is best suited to their particular needs. In addition, each associate is eligible for a pension plan that receives contributions from both the associate and the Company.

Share Ownership Willis recognizes that wealth creation is best accomplished through share ownership plans. We make available to all associates an attractive payroll deduction share purchase plan. In addition, top performing associates are potentially eligible to participate in Willis’s other stock and options programs which are conditional upon future performance and the other usual terms and conditions of such plans. These programs can prove to be very lucrative over time.

Relevant previous experience at the time of hiring is taken into consideration when calculating the vacation entitlement of new associates.

Communication “All means of communication should be at our disposal. I enjoy working in a company where everyone feels they know what's going on and people feel able to give me their honest point of view." ~ Joe Plumeri, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Working together is central to our vision, and this means every member of the Willis team should support open and honest communication across the whole of our organization. Every associate should feel 'in the know' about our strategy and business direction - in fact, everything that's happening across our company!

At Willis, we celebrate our people. This means that the success of our associates is important to us and we want to share it with others. So when somebody achieves a business win, reaches a long service milestone, wins an award, or does something great for their community, we ought to shout it from the rooftops!

Employee Assistance Program
This is a voluntary, confidential counselling service that provides assistance in dealing with a wide variety of personal and work related concerns.

Home and Automobile Insurance
Associates benefit from reduced premiums to purchase insurance.

Social and Community Events
Willis associates enjoy participating in events organized by the “Fun Club” ranging from the Summer Day to the Holiday Party. Charitable Committees are in place and raise funds throughout the year through a variety of events.

We are committed to a professional environment that ensures we can all make a contribution.

Recognizing the business strengths our organization can achieve through development of a more culturally diverse workforce, Willis has formed a Global Diversity Advisory Council (GDAC) to promote this goal throughout the global organization.