Page 4 - Airlines-Your Risk Profile
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1.1 million               Human Capital Risks
                          ƒƒGlobal harmonisation of benefits
Additional 1.1 million    ƒƒEmployee benefits pooling
pilots and technicians    ƒƒHealth and wellness programmes
needed by 2030            ƒƒPension scheme management
ICAO 2015                 ƒƒAccident and health, travel solutions

By 2034                      including emergency repatriation

91 aviation mega          ƒƒHuman Resources consultancy
cities will be operating  ƒƒTalent and assessment management
worldwide, almost twice   ƒƒOrganisation change management
as many as in 2014        ƒƒBenchmarking compensation
Airbus 2015

                          ƒƒRelocation risks

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