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  ƒƒCyber Risks – Time to wake up to the risks of cyber crime -
  ƒƒCatastrophe Insights -
  ƒƒGlobal FinTech Investment -


  ƒƒJapan Earthquakes -
  ƒƒZurich Insurance Operations in Taiwan -
  ƒƒWillis Towers Watson Power Market Review 2016
  ƒƒCyber Attack -
  ƒƒKoepp, R. (2016, May). “One Belt, One Road”: An Economic Roadmap. Lecture.
  ƒƒSwiss Re, (2016, October). China’s Belt & Road Initiative and the Impact on Commercial Insurance.
  ƒƒAXCO 2016 – Insurance Market Report, Non-Life
  ƒƒMunich Re Press Release – July 2016
  ƒƒTop Insurance Industry Issues – PWC, Volume 8 2016
  ƒƒEmerging countries in Asia still linchpin of global premium growth -


  ƒƒEY Asia Pacific Insurance Outlook 2016 -$FILE/EY-asiapac-

  ƒƒIndian Insurance Industry Premium -
  ƒƒChubb launches Cyber ERM -


  ƒƒSamsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Crisis -
  ƒƒNavigating cargo risks following Hanjin’s collapse -


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