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A master trust arrangement                                        Develop a healthy and engaged workforce

Master trusts are now the scheme of choice for DC                 Healthcare and other group risk benefits are under
employer-sponsored pension provision. The popularity              intense scrutiny as employers face the challenge of
of master trusts across large and small employers has             keeping employees healthy and productive; a constant rise
been driven by a number of factors. The key ones we see           in healthcare cost, a shift in employee demographics; and
when helping our clients are cost savings for employers,          a rethinking of how benefits fit in the broader total rewards
low fees for employees, outsourcing of risk and a strong          context. The focus is on optimising both global and local
governance framework. LifeSight is Willis Towers Watson’s         benefit programme performance and gaining maximum
DC multi-employer pension trust. Launched in 2015, LifeSight      value from the annual benefits spend. At Willis Towers
has over £2 billion of assets currently under transition and has  Watson, we use our deep research and benchmarking
achieved MAF accreditation, Pensions and Lifetime Savings         tools to provide the strategic context to gauge overall
Association’s PQM READY status and the Retirement Quality         programme efficiency, cost effectiveness and value, as
Mark for the inbuilt drawdown offering. Combined with our         well as competitive positioning. We work with you to
independent trustee board, engaging member experience,            design the path to achieve and sustain high programme
innovative investment offering and administration services,       performance — based on a framework that identifies
LifeSight provides a compelling solution.                         key actions, costs, competitive context and change
                                                                  management activities. We provide the metrics to help you
Stuart Reid                                                       drive improved performance and better results. We stay
+44 20 7170 2232                                                  involved to help you oversee your programme, leveraging                                our excellent relationships with providers, from placement
                                                                  of business, to claims handling, to general implementation
Optimise your Total Reward investments                            and programme management.

In today’s highly competitive environment organisations are       Mark Ramsook
under pressure to simultaneously attract and retain talent        +44 20 7170 2213
and ensure costs are controlled. Whilst HR and reward   
teams may have a sense of which rewards employees
value most, they rarely have robust, empirical evidence
underpinning these views. Companies need a high return
on the organisation’s financial investment in rewards and
a high return on the human capital (knowledge, skill and
talent) investment made by employees. Willis Towers
Watson’s Total Rewards Optimisation (TRO) can help them
achieve this. TRO enables a company to determine which
rewards have the biggest impact on employee attitudes and
behaviours and then specifies reward portfolios that deliver
the highest return on investment to the organisation.

Jo Eagle
+44 20 7170 3019

27 The savings psyche of the UK
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