Page 7 - Deconstructing risk
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20 – 23                                                24 – 26                                          27

Risks resulting from Workforce                                                                          Rating the
digitalization and management and megatrends
new technologies talent optimization by sector

A relative latecomer to the digital party, the sector  Fixing the industry’s image problem, especially  The megatrend hierarchy as seen by
now needs wise heads to ensure it harnesses new        among younger workers, is key to attracting and  leaders of the construction industry
technology safely and securely                         retaining talent

28 – 30                                                31                                               32

Business model                                         Rating the                                       Embracing
and strategy                                           megatrends                                       complexity
challenges                                             by region
                                                                                                        Just as construction transforms our world,
Construction is an industry in flux: ambitious firms   The global view on how the                       so the industry is transforming itself –
pursue growth in new markets, but must also            megatrends rank                                  embracing the new realities of operating in
reckon with new competitors and risks                                                                   complex and dynamic global markets
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