Jurisdictional Risk Index

The United States legal environment is complex and more challenging to manage than ever before. The Jurisdictional Risk Index helps you navigate these environments. This tool reveals those venues which exhibit judicial characteristics favorable to the defendant and, conversely, which venues make it difficult to defend even groundless accusations.

The Jurisdictional Risk Index maps our clients' exposures to a heat map which identifies jurisdictional toxicity and generates actionable data intelligence many clients have never possessed. Wills Towers Watson arms you with this valuable insight to aide in development of enterprise risk management strategies. Further, we use this data in the marketplace to make technical arguments other brokers simply are not equipped to deliver.

The Jurisdictional Risk Index empowers you with:

  • A concise view of your jurisdictional risk profile and exposure to toxic or high-hazard legal environments
  • Improved risk control return on investment by identifying high risk locations where risk control resources are most effective
  • Data intelligence to build leverage when negotiating renewal outcomes
  • Risk adjusted benchmarking statistics
  • Insight to supplement M&A due diligence

Why should you use the Jurisdictional Risk Index?

The legal venue by which a case is brought is the most significant outside factor influencing the outcome of a legal action. This tool arms you with the jurisdictional risk insight required to execute an optimal risk management strategy.

For whom is it appropriate?

The Jurisdictional Risk Index is for all clients whose geographic footprint heavily impacts their corporate risk profile. Any clients concerned with one of the following should consider using the Jurisdictional Risk Index:

  • Evolving tort landscape
  • Liberal class action certification
  • Forum shopping
  • Discovery abuse
  • Uneven application of evidentiary rules
  • Exponential growth in personal injury awards
  • Extraordinary judicial prejudices

What geographies does this tool support?

This tool is for clients with exposure to US litigation.

How are the index scores for each jurisdiction developed?

Willis Towers Watson legal professionals work jointly with major carrier partners and several tier one law firms to establish an index score for each legal jurisdiction. The scores are based on claims experience, research, legal proceedings and State legislation. We evaluate scores periodically and make updates as appropriate. The heat map and corresponding analytics are not designed to predict the outcome of any potential litigation.