Cyber Quantified

This latest innovation in cyber risk prediction evaluates your cyber loss potential with decision support to optimize risk management strategy. Going beyond other cyber risk models in the industry, Cyber Quantified interactively incorporates network outage risk in addition to privacy breach liability. Cyber Quantified's refined evaluation of your organization's risk includes:

  • Dynamic and customizable technology allowing for collaborative sensitivity testing with instantaneous results
  • Thorough quantification of cyber risk: How often will events occur? When there is an event, how big is it and how much will it cost?
  • Visually compelling data driven decision support guide insurance strategy via range of a single incident, Comprehensive Cost Of Risk, and impact of insurance on retained loss.
  • Facilitates strategic and tactical engagement of the insurance marketplace
  • Concise and compelling output for efficient communication with internal stakeholders

Why should you use Cyber Quantified?

  • This tool helps you better understand your privacy breach and network outage risk. It gives insight into how often you could experience an event and how costly those events could be.
  • This tool helps you decide on the best strategy to manage your risk. This tool allows you to evaluate customized insurance strategies, showing how well each protects you and if each is a good value for the price.
  • Cyber Quanitified will soon automatically incorporate the results of your Cyber Risk Profile Diagnostic, giving the power to project losses based on your unique security practices at a level of precision never before seen in the industry.

For whom is it appropriate?

  • Privacy breach: Any company that holds or collects significant sensitive employee, customer or third party data. Results are most meaningful for companies with over 50,000 records.
  • Network Outage: Any company that has risk of lost revenue or employee efficiency due to a network outage. Results are most meaningful for companies with annual revenue of at least $100M.

What geographies does this tool support?

  • Cyber Quantified is a global risk evaluation tool supporting all geographies. The tool leverages Willis Towers Watson's regional cyber expertise, grouping countries into regions based on data volume and regulatory similarities.

When should you use Cyber Quantified?

  • Assess your cyber loss potential at any time to inform your enterprise risk management strategy.
  • Use this tool when renewing or considering purchasing cyber insurance.
  • Use this tool in conjunction with Cyber Risk Profile Diagnostic to understand how your cybersecurity potential translates to loss potential and affects the value derived from risk transfer.

What can I do with information gained from Cyber Quantified?

  • Assess your cyber loss potential at any time to inform your enterprise risk management strategy.
  • Drive insurance strategy before engaging markets: use this tool to design your optimal insurance structure based on your unique exposure profile.
  • Evaluate and compare quotes from carriers with financial decision support metrics like Value from Insurance. See the impact of insurance structures on your loss potential.
  • Based on this explicit view on cyber risk, make informed decisions regarding more customized cyber solutions such as Cyber Risk Profile Diagnostic and Dark Trace.