Willis Online Marketing Submissions

Willis Online Marketing Submissions is our secure web portal for Underwriters, providing all of the information necessary to analyze and underwrite our client’s insurance and/or reinsurance program, including:

  • Secure Underwriter access
  • All submission data in one place
  • Bulk downloads into Zip or PDF

To learn more about Willis Online electronic submissions, please contact your Willis Marketing representative.

Willis Online

Willis Online is our secure web portal for clients, offering simple and convenient access to your risk and insurance information, including:

  • Open items list
  • Shared library for important documents
  • Shared calendar
  • International policy summaries
  • Country insurance information
  • Industry and product newsletters and alerts
  • Comprehensive Market Security data
  • Electronic marketing submissions
  • Contact list and links

To learn more about Willis Online, please contact your Willis Client Advocate® or local Willis representative.