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Academic Security

School security can no longer be ignored or taken for granted. Recent events have placed security and crisis management at the forefront of the challenges faced by academic institutions at all levels. The question of how best to protect students and faculty through proper institutional security and effective incident management applies to public, private and international facilities.

Parental concerns are not limited to school budgets and the quality of education but now include the safety of children, whether they are on school grounds or off participating in school-related activities such as field trips. Recent shifts in patterns of school violence are causing administrators in even the safest of schools and communities to reassess the security risks they face, while staff members, students, parents, politicians, lawyers and the media want to know what school officials are doing to ensure an effective response.

Private schools face a particular challenge in responding to security threats against students and property while maintaining a friendly, inviting atmosphere for learning and social interaction.

Rising international terrorism and a general deterioration in security throughout many regions of the globe have raised fears about the safety of international students and faculty. Despite the potential dangers, college students have not been deterred from study-abroad programs. Not only has the number of applicants continued to increase steadily, but study-abroad programs represent an increasingly important source of revenue for educational institutions.

With this growth comes an increased duty of care towards students and employees overseas. Many academic institutions mistakenly rely solely on waivers to protect them against potential liability and depend exclusively on embassies should something go wrong. This can expose an institution to significant financial risks as well as threats to its reputation, an all-important asset within the educational community.

SCR’s comprehensive programs build on a traditional Kidnap & Ransom policy to create a security and risk management tool that addresses the specific threats and exposures faced by academic institutions. The programs not only provide the means to manage the financial and human implications of such incidents and possible subsequent litigation, but also provide expert preventative and incident management advice from top experts in the field.

SCR offers several programs for schools, colleges and universities.

  • K-12 Public School Security Program
  • Private School Security Program
  • Academic Security Risk Management Program for colleges and universities

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