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Assistant Treasurer and Head of Internal Audit for a semi-autonomous government.

We had provided risk identification and analysis over the entire range of the government's activities. In the course of this work our consultants identified misalignment between strategic objectives and business plans.


  • To incorporate the management of risk into the planning and delivery of management processes and support functions.
  • To support strategic aims and objectives.

Solutions We Provided:

  • We designed an integration framework to overcome identified shortcomings.
  • The framework
    • examines the alignment between support functions and the activities of service delivery departments
    • incorporates the management of risk process into strategic management planning
    • supports Internal Audit by increasing the effectiveness of the control environment
  • The framework contains:
    • risk criteria
    • management planning format
    • diagnosis tool
    • mapped relationships
    • accountabilities
    • balanced scorecard


  • Improved decision taking and strategic direction.
  • Established links between the high level aims/objectives and operational activities.
  • Alignment of strategic and business objectives.
  • Improved management understanding of the impact of risk on opportunities and practices.
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