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Revenue Enhancement Products

The goal of revenue enhancement products is to make money for you. Our activities are totally self-financing to you and your clients.


  • differentiate the clients' product and/or service
  • add additional product features
  • add additional revenue streams
  • increase margin on existing products
  • increase customer retention.

Extended Warranty

Sold by: Retailers and Motor/Brown and White Goods Manufacturers

An extended warranty provides coverage against the mechanical and electrical breakdown of a product, extending the time period of the original manufacturers' warranty. The premium payable by the customer is structured so that the seller earns a commission, the administrator earns a fee per policy and the underwriter receives the net amount.

Home Emergency

Sold by: Utility Companies, Banks, Finance Providers

Home emergency insurance provides the customer with coverage for immediate and long-term home maintenance problems including, home security, central heating, glazing, roofing, water, electrical, plumbing, sewerage, pipes and drains etc.

Product Enhancement - Personal Lines

Sold by: Various companies with large customer bases

Most companies have some form of customer database that can collate a variety of useful customer information.

Companies with large databases have identified they are in a unique position to offer additional products to their customers, thereby earning sales commissions, profit shares and underwriting profits.

These products include insurance policies such as household, motor, travel, personal accident, life, private health, child care, pet and wedding.

Creditor Insurance

Sold by: Retailers, Motor Manufacturers, Mortgage and Finance Providers, Credit/Charge Card Providers

Creditor insurance offers protection to individuals committed to paying regular instalments for goods or services. The policy will take over repayments in the event of death, accident, sickness, critical illness or unemployment. We can structure coverage to provide any one or a group of these covers. We design the premium payable by the customer so the seller earns a commission, the administrator earns a fee per policy and the underwriter receives the net premium amount.

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