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Global Wealth Solutions is proud to bring onboard the Charles Monat Associates Limited and Charles Monat Associates Pte Ltd and ensure together that we provide an excellent customer service. Please click here to find out more.

Global Wealth Solutions Main Contacts
Charles Monat
+852 2524 8176
Yves Guélat
Chief Executive Officer
+41 44 804 20 30

Gigi Ong
Managing Director
+65 6512 9888
Ivy Suen
Managing Director
+852 2827 0111
Martyn Benson
Chief Operating Officer
+65 6591 8000
Odd Haavik
Chief Executive Officer Asia
+65 6512 9888
Peter Tsih
Chief Relationship Officer
+852 2524 8176
Phil Bone
Chief Placement Officer
+41 44 804 20 60
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