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Ergonomics Practice

The Willis Towers Watson Ergonomics Practice has a suite of tools to improve your organization’s performance and gain an ergonomic edge over your competitors.

Injuries related to strains, overexertion and repetitive motion account for more than 25% of the national burden ($21+ billion). An aging workforce coupled with chronic deconditioning of younger workers is expected to increase this burden on employers in the coming decades. Poor ergonomic conditions also slow production and increase errors, turnover, absenteeism and low morale.

Employers are reducing the frequency of injuries, yet their total cost of risk (TCOR) goes up. The common wisdom says that “frequency breeds severity.” But does it? Many efforts at reducing frequency have failed to reduce severity. The common response is “medical inflation,” but this is only part of the story. The rest of the story includes the impact of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). MSDs are the leading cause of rising costs for most industries and are often cause-coded as strain, overexertion and repetitive motion.

Impact on Business Metrics

As enormous as the workers’ compensation costs associated with MSDs are, they pale in comparison to the impact they have on other crucial business metrics. Musculoskeletal discomfort average a 10% productivity loss. Post-ergonomics intervention studies show an average productivity improvement of 25%.

Willis Towers Watson Ergonomics: Holistic Human Capital Optimization

The multifactorial causes of MSDs indicate that the work, the worker and the workplace all can be addressed to improve human capital optimization. Thus, any comprehensive approach must consider, at a minimum, the following processes:

Wellness, especially as it relates to predisposition to MSDs, namely diabetes, thyroid disease, elevated body mass index and a lack of strength, endurance and flexibility.

Lean Manufacturing, as appropriate to your industry to resolve macro-ergonomics issues that create MSD risk.

Ergonomics, as appropriate to your industry to resolve micro-ergonomics issues that create MSD risk.

Behavioral Safety, as appropriate to your industry to resolve worker choices that create MSD risk.

Willis Towers Watson Ergonomics Services

Willis Towers Watson Ergonomics Task Analysis/Rapid Improvement Events

The Willis Towers Watson Ergonomics Task Analysis is in an easy-to-use format that facilitates the critical solution development process:

  1. List the risk factors
  2. Associate the risk factors with their root sources
  3. Brainstorm or “trystorm” changes to the sources
  4. Implement the best options

Willis Towers Watson provides two-day to four-day ergonomics training sessions (or Kaizen events) to teach client teams to perform ergonomics task analysis and apply it at their work site.

Willis Towers Watson Advanced Remote Ergonomics

Willis Towers Watson Advanced Remote Ergonomics Analysis is a strategic and holistic approach to rapidly responding to employee issues of pain and discomfort. Willis Towers Watson’s team of certified ergonomics, wellness, health coaching and rehabilitation specialists work directly with your employees to reduce their discomfort, minimize lost time, and decrease the probability of an escalation to injury or claim. In fact, Willis Towers Watson’s team of ergonomics specialists has a 99% success rate at effectively resolving employee concerns.

Willis Towers Watson MSD Dashboard

Willis Towers Watson MSD Dashboard accumulates the results of the Willis Towers Watson Ergonomics Task Analysis forms and allows for visualization of the key metrics of your risk pre- and post-assessments, such that the measurable impact can be quantified.

Willis Towers Watson Ergonomics Process Evaluation Tool

Willis Towers Watson Ergonomics Process Evaluation Tool compares your current process against world class best practices. The online system allows you to compare sites and to view sites over multiple reviews. While the evaluation starts as a GAP assessment tool, over time it becomes a cultural development management process making ergonomics a normal part of operations.

Willis Towers Watson Body Ergo

Willis Towers Watson Body Ergo is our biomechanics training process and is more effective than safe lifting training. While ergonomics seeks to change the engineering design of your workplace, tools and equipment, Body Ergo seeks to empower your employees to make the best decisions they can with the engineering they have. There are many ways or techniques to accomplish most tasks. Willis Towers Watson Body Ergo helps your employees to choose the best ones.

Willis Towers Watson Online Coaching

Running an effective ergonomic process requires ongoing communication. Imagine communicating 24/7/365 via your computer, tablet or smartphone with all the ergonomics process stakeholders. Our online multimedia coaching tool, is designed for managers and supervisors. This system delivers content (generic or customized) to your staff in brief, information-packed videos. Regularly scheduled e-mails link subscribers to continuously updated information essential to the success of any ergonomics process. Our online coaching library provides timely, fun, practical and short messages created by leaders in the field of ergonomics who have developed and implemented successful ergonomics programs in some of the nation’s largest companies.

For information contact Janine Collins, Product and New Business Manager, Willis Towers Watson Risk Control and Claim Advocacy Practice, Janine.collins@willistowerswatson.com

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