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Falcon Insurance PCC Limited

Falcon Insurance PCC Limited (“Falcon PCC”) is a protected cell company managed by Willis Management (Guernsey) Limited.

A protected cell structure provides a more cost effective solution than a traditional stand-alone company and in certain circumstances, allows more efficient use of capital. With our proven experience in this field the arrangement can be established within a short time-frame.

Advantages of a PCC cell v.s. a traditional captive

  • Entry and exit costs – it is much more cost effective to establish and close down a cell since it does not involve the creation of a stand-alone entity

  • Operating costs - because of the centralisation of functions within one company, a cell offers substantial savings on annual management

  • Management time – a cell reduces the formal management and administrative time of running a stand-alone company

  • No minimum capital – the cell will need to be funded adequately to cover the minimum margin of solvency and risk gap, but this may be well below the minimum required for a stand-alone captive insurance company

Potential uses of a PCC cell

There are no restrictions regarding the type of business that can be undertaken by a cell and below are some examples of the potential uses:

  • An intermediate or alternative step for clients considering the possibility of establishing their own captive

  • Access to reinsurance markets including terrorism pools such as Pool Re

  • Niche products where conventional market cover is unavailable or expensive

  • Joint venture undertakings

  • Special purpose vehicles

  • Commutation of captive programmes

  • As a reinsurer for customer services, e.g. extended warranty, mobile phone guarantees etc.

Why Guernsey

  • Guernsey is the niche market for PCCs

  • Reputable and effective regulation to attract and control insurance business

  • The leading European captive domicile

  • Quickly and easily accessible from the UK

What next?

Willis will provide all the advice you need. Whether we are your existing brokers or not, our specialist team can quickly determine whether a cell solution might suit you. If so, we can provide you with a fully costed feasibility study which, if you so decide, we can then take to full implementation and ongoing management.

For further details please contact:

Mike Johns, ACII
Tel: +44 0(0)1481 735 664
Email: mike.johns@willis.com

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