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Captive Domiciles

Willis is highly experienced in establishing and managing captives within the domiciles in which we operate. We are well-regarded by the respective Regulators and have a well-tried process for the establishment of new captives.

Once you decide to set up a captive, one of the key decisions is choosing the best location. With domiciles located across the world, and new ones springing up in response to the increasing popularity of captive vehicles, there is a wide choice and it becomes vital that you are given advice to enable the right choice to be made.

A Willis Domicile Review, based on the collective knowledge and expertise of our captive specialists worldwide, can help you choose the location that is right for your business.

Issues that a Willis Domicile Review will consider include:


Domicile regulations should be acceptable to the parent company, insurers and reinsurers, as well as to the governing bodies of the parent companies. It may also be important to choose a domicile where the Regulator is accessible and prepared to work with you to achieve your objectives.

Fiscal Framework

When considering tax implications, you may need to consider: whether the domicile offers a tax system which enables you to align the captive with your wider group tax strategy; how the parent company’s tax authorities will view the chosen domicile (for example are there any Controlled Foreign Company issues)?

Investment, Capital and Profits

Which domiciles have policies on capital requirements, fund transfers and investments that best complement your overall strategy?

Services and Costs

Is an appropriate infrastructure of professional service providers in place to properly support your captive? Will you be able to appoint board members of sufficient calibre and suitable experience; and how do set-up and running costs compare?


For the long term viability of the captive, the domicile needs to be politically and economically stable, with good communications infrastructure. Access and logistics are also important.

Choosing a Domicile – The Willis Domicile Balanced Scorecard

To assist in the process of choosing the best location Willis has developed a Domicile Balanced Scorecard to facilitate an objective comparison of alternative domiciles for your captive.

After completing the domicile review you will be able to select the best possible location for your captive. Wherever you choose, Willis will be on hand to provide a professional and cost effective captive management service.

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