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Willis Towers Watson has the largest dedicated P&I broking team in London.

Willis Towers Watson handle over 500 separate entries with a premium volume in excess of USD 400 million into the P&I Club market. This enables us to be fully conversant with issues within the market and to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible renewal terms.

Our service philosophy is designed to add value to any client relationship. This is even more relevant for P&I, where a positive relationship between the ship operator and the Club is valuable, in both service and financial terms.

Willis Towers Watson P&I aims to augment this relationship, to the benefit of our clients through adding leverage at renewals, providing medium term strategic guidance and applying pressure on borderline claims.

How we add value
  • Reviewing clients’ current terms and conditions and advising them on alternative structures to obtain the most cost efficient entries commensurate with the clients’ own risk appetite and business needs
  • Reviewing and advising on choice of club and number of clubs to obtain the most effective overall programme (with the aim of maximising the competitive tension within the P&I structure)
  • Negotiating renewal terms and mid-year changes
  • Providing detailed analysis on the P&I Club market and its finances to assist our clients when making strategic decisions about which Club(s) they should look to partner
  • Providing mid-year analysis of P&I loss records
    • Highlighting claims trends and pointing out potential issues that may affect renewals.
  • Reviewing renewal strategies / negotiating positions / strategic options based on development of loss records with each club
  • Advice and assistance on recovery of claims. This would include the presentation of claims that are at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Club (a particular specialty of Willis Towers Watson P&I)
  • Review and advise on the insurance implications of contracts and charter parties
    • Contract reviews are routinely conducted by Willis Towers Watson. The offshore related areas are the most numerous but with a challenging commercial market we are seeing a number of more unusual charter parties for conventional ships
    • We have significant experience within marine with some 300+ contracts being reviewed annually in our London office alone
    • Given our industry experience, we appreciate the commercial need to turn contract reviews around quickly with a concise summary of the key points highlighted

P&I Contacts

Ben Abraham

CEO Global Marine

+44 (0)20 3124 7748

Further P&I Contacts
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