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Active Shooter/Armed Intruder Sample Policy and Procedure

Active Shooter/Armed Intruder Readiness Plan and Checklist


Active Shooter Readiness Webinar

Recording | Slide deck

To obtain a copy of the employee training video featured on this page, please contact Beth Warloe.


This is a training video produced by Willis of Illinois, Inc. (“Willis Towers Watson”) in consultation with Sorensen Wilder & Associates, LLC (“SWA”). Willis Towers Watson is pleased to make this video available as a courtesy to providers of senior living. All information is provided to help senior living providers and their employees understand and effectively respond to an active shooter armed intruder event. The information and recommendations in this video are purely informational and are intended for the sole purpose of demonstrating a method of response to this type of security incident. This video is not, and it may not be relied upon as, a plan for any security incident response.

While efforts were made to make the information accurate and complete, Willis Towers Watson and SWA cannot, and do not, guarantee that this video, the techniques displayed and the recommendations in it will be free of errors, or that it will not be incomplete, or susceptible of being misunderstood. Willis Towers Watson and SWA each specifically disclaim all responsibility to ensure the completeness, accuracy, or usefulness of the information in this video, and they further disclaim all liability for any errors or omissions in this video. Any use of this video is subject to the user’s agreement that it understands those limitations and that it waives any and all claims against Willis Towers Watson and SWA for errors or omissions in this video.

This video is intended to be a part of a comprehensive training program on this topic that includes other resources and instructive material. Because of evolving changes in response strategies and tactics, this video may become outdated and inaccurate. While the video may be useful in demonstrating a response to this type of event for training purposes, the video will not be kept updated. When the video is not up to date, further use of this video should be discontinued.

In all cases, responses to active shooter and armed intruder events must be based on the actual circumstances at the time. Proper training and the timely availability of proper equipment and personnel are the foundations of a good security incident response. Initial planning and development of a suitable response plan, followed by initial and ongoing training, are the responsibility of the senior living provider and the user of this training video. In all cases, if the user has specific questions related to development or implementation of a response plan, the user should contact appropriate experts directly to address all planning for actual security incident responses.

Compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and rules are the sole responsibility of the senior living provider.

Active Shooter Armed Intruder Response Training Video © 2017 by Willis Towers Watson. This Video may not be used, modified, copied, shared, or distributed without specific permission of Willis Towers Watson.

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