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Claims management and the negotiation of sensitive and complex claims are an integral part of our service delivery.

Willis has a dedicated aerospace claims team - in excess of forty personnel who strive to provide a fast and efficient service. This enables claims to be finalised expediently and effectively, always bearing in mind the good name of our client. The Willis claims team has been involved in some of the largest, most complex claims in the history of aviation. Willis provides a 24-hour claims service and when requested will be available to immediately travel to the accident site or to the offices of our client, to assist in the handling of the claim and to fully protect our client's interests. With commercial considerations in mind, our ability to exert influence and pressure on the market is crucial to the successful outcome of our discussions with insurers.

Service First
Willis Aerospace claims department provides a large range of services for both our clients and underwriters.

To ensure speedy claims service Willis will:

  • Negotiate a claims authority for our client
  • Negotiate a claims fund for our client
  • Prepare a claims response and procedure manual.

In the event of a Catastrophe Loss Willis will:

  • Set in motion Lawyers
  • Activate Surveyors
  • Arrange settlement of hull monies often by stipulated deadline
  • Assist in the negotiation of any outstanding premium (AVN6)
  • Assist in the release documentation
  • Assist in salvage recovery
  • Assist the operator in resuming normal operations
  • Involve Lessor (if applicable)
  • Immediately respond to client's needs
  • Negotiate liability fund
  • Often exceed client expectations in claims finalisation
  • Provide 24 hour service
  • Travel to accident site / client offices (if required)
  • Vigorously protect the interests of our client.

Day to day services that Willis provides:

  • Advise claim to leading insurer and co-insurer / insurers
  • Assists in the recovery of consequential damages
  • Negotiates appropriate lawyer / surveyor representation
  • Often negotiate very problematic / contentious claims
  • Prepare and manage bordereau of claims
  • Prepare claims files
  • Prepare claims statistics for renewal purposes
  • Replenish funds for quick settlement of claims
  • Responsible for the payment of claims
  • Responsible for the payment of fees (lawyers and surveyors)
  • Review all claims on bi-annual basis.

Additional services that Willis provides:

  • Annual claims review at the client's base
  • Arrange and take part in loss prevention and claims seminars
  • Constant advice to our clients in respect of technical and coverage issues
  • Negotiations with repairers (Airbus / Boeing) to ensure smooth repair process
  • Provide assistance to our clients for those claims that are uninsured.
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