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Whether Willis Towers Watson place insurance for a client or not, Aerospace Risk Management Services (ARMS) offers both contractual and advisory services. These can be provided together or separately as the services that ARMS provide are tailored to individual client needs.

As advisors to the world’s leading leasing companies and finance houses, Aerospace Risk Management Services (ARMS) – Advisory is the go-to team to ensure that your asset / loan is insured / reinsured in accordance with usual practice in the aviation insurance market.

With a formal aviation insurance opinion letter issued for each aircraft to sit as an internal audit compliance check, ARMS – Advisory ensures that the insurance risk associated with aircraft leasing / financing is effectively transferred.

CertiFly your operations with our certificate verification system:

Developed in-house as a result of the ever-changing nature of the aviation insurance market, CertiFly is the unique software solution providing a streamlined and structured renewal insurance and reinsurance certification compliance check.

It is no longer the case that banks / lessors / financiers can rely on the fact that initial insurance / reinsurance certificate received at the time of delivery confirming that their asset is protected, will remain the same at renewal and through the lease term.

With premiums being squeezed and operators looking to reduce costs, changes to the coverage (even including who the broker / insurer is) is more common place than it once was. This has resulted in renewal insurance / reinsurance certification becoming harder and more difficult to check.

What if the renewal insurance / reinsurance certification received no longer adequately protects your asset?

With CertiFly, we can ‘CertiFly’ that your asset is still adequately protected year-upon-year, providing a system generated compliance report for the individual asset for your internal audit file.

A multi-point checking system, CertiFly cross-checks the coverage evidenced ensuring that it complies with current industry standards.

As an in-house built system, CertiFly can be tailored to your needs to ensure that checks are completed in accordance with your own internal requirements.

The more the system sees, the more it learns. Working off an internal held database built-up from checks performed against certificates you provide, CertiFly ensures that insurance / reinsurance certification received is not only correct, but consistent across the operator fleet. If the system finds an error, it automatically emails you confirming the asset concerned and the steps that need to be taken to rectify the issues.

All fleet insurance / reinsurance certificates will be reviewed via our online platform Risk Intelligence Central (RIC), providing you with a central online resource to interact with us for all of your certification and compliance report needs.

Managing conflicts of interest:

ARMS – Advisory is purposely ring-fenced to ensure its independent status from the Willis Towers Watson Aerospace broking practice. It sits within ARMS which is itself a wholly non-transactional area that is a unique concept within a broking house.

The reason for the formation of ARMS - Advisory is to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. Such a position is highly regarded throughout the aviation insurance market, with other brokers comfortable to provide what could be considered confidential information to the ARMS – Advisory team when necessary.

All information supplied to ARMS - Advisory is strictly confidential and is not available to any other part of the Willis Towers Watson group. The information is retained on a secure server and access is limited to members of the advisory team. This enables independence, yet full interaction with broking teams, resulting in a strong link to relevant market intelligence.

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