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Global Urbanization

Building toward global urbanization

Global forces are reshaping the construction industry around the world. In this article, we focus on the impact of urbanization on the construction sector, and explore the notion that the kinds of cities we are creating and the places where we are urbanizing is causing a rethink of how we build.


Kathryn Harb | 12th January 2015

Preparing coastal cities for rising sea levels

With 13% of the world’s urban population living in low-elevation coastal zones, rising sea levels will demand far greater resilience to flooding and severe weather in the near future.


Junsang Choi, Torolf Hamm,
Paul Henderson, Ester Calavia Garsaball and
Marc Lehmann | 12th January 2015
Global urbanization

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Climate Change Risk
November 2014

Integrating resilience into our cities

To mitigate the risks of growing urbanization we not only need to build better but also to build smarter. Smart capital, well-applied technology and forward-thinking policies are essential.


Greg Lowe | 12th January 2015

New mega-cities must be green

While we need to build with more resilience, we also need to address the environmental strain resulting from urbanization.


Kathryn Harb | 12th January 2015
On Resilience

Promoting disaster resilient building in the US

The US faces problems with the building codes for extreme weather events and should adopt more higher elevation requirements to protect against storm surge, flooding and sea level rise


Bill Creedon | 12th January 2015
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Cyber Risks in an Increasingly Urbanized World

Urbanization will be stimulated and enabled by ever-increasing digitization, much as electricity did in the last century. However, digital enablement inevitably leads to incremental cyber security vulnerabilities.


Peter Armstrong | 20th January 2015

Keeping the Peace in New Urban Centers

At its most dystopian, violent conflict between competing interests could become a norm in an increasingly urbanized world.


Tim Holt | 20th January 2015

Concentration of financial infrastructure in urban centers

Big banks have always been in big cities, that’s nothing new. It’s the growing interdependence of our financial system and the geographic concentration that is cause for concern.


Richard Magrann-Wells | 9th January 2015

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