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Geopolitical risk

The perfect storm of risk

Looking across the globe, there is arguably the gathering of a perfect storm that may affect the geopolitical landscape for years to come. Ukraine, Russia, the Islamic State, Grexit, Ebola, oil prices, corruption—arguably, never before have so many events conspired to transpire at the same time.


Andrew Van den Born | 4th March 2015

Political risk today

Why political risk analysts are keeping an eye on Bolivia, China, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, and Venezuela—a Q&A with Oxford Analytica’s Sam Wilkin.


Sam Wilkin | 4th March 2015
Geopolitical risk

In a joint production between WillisTV and AM Best, Paul Davidson, CEO of Willis Financial Solutions joins experts speaking about Political Risks exposures.

A Political Risks primer in four minutes, with Willis Political Risks expert Laura Burns.

Nadia Hoyte of Willis FINEX discusses the impact of war exclusions on Cyber insurance policies.

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Marketplace realities: Political risk

In this update to our Marketplace Realities publication, our price prediction for political risk is flat to +2%. There are several locales in which political risks are significant.


John Lavelle | 4th March 2015
What oil volatility means for political risk

Price reductions should contribute toward world economic growth in the long run, but it has a potential adverse and significant impact on oil-producing countries.


Sumit Mehra | 16th January 2015
Nuclear power supply chain challenges

The supply chain is global with many risks that can impact the contractor, future operator or owner, investors and insurers of new nuclear power construction projects.


David Reynolds | 2nd March 2015
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