The Willis Quality Index®: A key component in determining the best match between client and carrier.

The Willis Quality Index® has been developed as a proprietary industry-leading benchmarking tool, to capture, analyse and share vital carrier information about carriers' service and performance. It enhances your ability to make better informed carrier choices and promotes superior relationships with our major trading partners throughout the world.

The Willis Quality Index® combines qualitative opinions from Willis Associates across the globe with quantitative data and measurements from our various tracking systems.

Qualitative areas of evaluation include:

  • Underwriting - including commerciality, coverage and responsiveness
  • Policy Administration - including timeliness, accuracy and policy wordings
  • Claims - including attitude, settlement and technical support
  • General Service - including loss control, risk assessment and post placement services

Additional categories apply in specialist reinsurance and employee benefit markets.

WQI is a fundamental part of WillPLACE, our innovative placement platform delivering the best markets, price and terms for our clients. WillPLACE matches carriers to our clients’ needs based on: client requirements and priorities, market security, peer group knowledge, carrier appetite, trading history, Willis Quality Index®.

The Willis Quality Index® is a key component in determining the best match between client and carrier.

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