Geopolitical risk

Looking across the globe, there is arguably the gathering of a perfect storm that may affect the geopolitical landscape for years to come. Ukraine, Russia, the Islamic State, Grexit, Ebola, oil prices, corruption—arguably, never before have so many events conspired to transpire at the same time.

Our Experience and Expertise

Willis helps organizations become more resilient by using our risk advisory, employee benefit consultancy, insurance and reinsurance expertise to develop tailored client solutions. With offices in more than 120 countries, we are everywhere you need us to be.

Are you prepared for the new face of human capital?

Boomers are packing up their expertise and retiring in droves. The Millennial generation is at your door with fresh ideas about making work (and life) meaningful. Attractive employee benefits are only part of the puzzle today and the Human Capital Practice is here to help.

Exploring Extremes eBook: Building Resilience for the Future

Pioneering responses to the greatest and most pressing issue to face our planet: how to build resilience against the effects of climate change — with gorgeous photography and reportage from the Willis Resilience Expedition to the South Pole.

Resilience at the Top of a Mountain, With Alf Garner

Willis is not just in the insurance business—we are in the resilience business. Read how one Willis Associate climbed one of the world’s highest peaks alongside several wounded war veterans lacking one—or both—legs. They are resilience personified.

Resilience magazine

Why telecoms must tread carefully, how energy companies manage oil price volatility, how to build resilience against natural catastrophes, why bankers are feeling stressed, the impact of new technology on the airline industry, and an exclusive interview with Bouygues Construction.

Emerging Risks, Emerging Solutions

John Merkovsky, Global Head of Risk & Analytics for Willis Group, discusses the emerging risks of 2015 and the solutions data and analytics will provide.

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