Climate Change Risk

Integrating climate and disaster risk into the financial system presents the opportunity to help save millions of lives and livelihoods in the coming decades and to protect billions in assets and property in a cost-effective and rational way when weighed against competing priorities.

Our Experience and Expertise

Willis helps organizations become more resilient by using our risk advisory, employee benefit consultancy, insurance and reinsurance expertise to develop tailored client solutions. With offices in more than 120 countries, we are everywhere you need us to be.

Are you prepared for the new face of human capital?

Boomers are packing up their expertise and retiring in droves. The Millennial generation is at your door with fresh ideas about making work (and life) meaningful. Attractive employee benefits are only part of the puzzle today and the Human Capital Practice is here to help.

TRIPRA Failure Puts Business at Risk

Congress’ failure to authorize an extension of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2014 has the potential to create serious disruption for many businesses who depend on the backstop for property, liability, workers compensation and captive insurance programs.

"Organizations now recognize human capital as a primary risk opportunity" – Jennifer Barton

The emphasis and value that organizations place on human capital has been pushed to the forefront, says the Business Insurance magazine 2014 Women to Watch honoree.

Ebola Response Center

Willis has organized a comprehensive set of resources to help firms prepare their workplaces for the Ebola threat.

Willis’s Matt Keeping Speaks Out on TRIA

Without TRIPRA, many businesses may find themselves in breach of contract on January 1

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