Global Urbanization

Seven years ago, for the first time in history, the global urban population exceeded the global rural population, marking the beginning of a predominantly urban world. Addressing global urbanization, we explore the notion that what and where we are urbanizing is causing us to rethink how we build.

Our Experience and Expertise

Willis helps organizations become more resilient by using our risk advisory, employee benefit consultancy, insurance and reinsurance expertise to develop tailored client solutions. With offices in more than 120 countries, we are everywhere you need us to be.

Are you prepared for the new face of human capital?

Boomers are packing up their expertise and retiring in droves. The Millennial generation is at your door with fresh ideas about making work (and life) meaningful. Attractive employee benefits are only part of the puzzle today and the Human Capital Practice is here to help.

Resilience magazine

Why telecoms must tread carefully, how energy companies manage oil price volatility, how to build resilience against natural catastrophes, why bankers are feeling stressed, the impact of new technology on the airline industry, and an exclusive interview with Bouygues Construction.

Willis Storm Response Center

Visit the Willis Storm Response Center for updates and advisories related to the US Northeast blizzard.

“I believe our Values set us apart from the crowd.” – Shubhanjali Gupta

Meet the new generation of actuary: Shubhanjali Gupta of Willis Mumbai. In this profile and video, Shubhanjali shares, “This was exactly how I wanted my day to look. So that is how I walked into the world of insurance brokerage.”

State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks: Excluded from Coverage?

As evidence of state-sponsored Cyber attacks mounts, companies need to check their Cyber policies to see if coverage may be impacted by policy language such as war exclusions.

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